Mercury Elite 650 PRO Line Interactive UPS


  • Mercury
  • 220VAC
  • Single phase


When it comes to power solutions, you can be rest assured with the mercury range of UPS systems. don’t lose your work or data anymore due to abrupt shutdown. The Mercury ELITE650 Pro Line Interactive UPs is the power bank you need for short power backup support. they provide dependable service, ensuring your critical appliances are protected from sudden shut-down, and in the case of UPS supporting PCs, your data is not suddenly lost. more so, Mercury UPS provides voltage regulation functionality, it stabilizes output voltage and enhances battery life as the UPS works on mains mode on very high or low voltage conditions protecting your equipment from the impact of power fluctuations. it also provides up to 10 – 18 minutes backup depending on the load. Mercury UPS are backed with a one year warranty of the manufacturer.

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Technical Specifications

Brand Mercury
Input voltage 220VAC
Input frequency 50Hz
Input phase Single phase
Input socket With Fuse
Cold Start (0 to 100% load)  Press the ON/OFF switch
Input range (220V) 140V-300V
Rating output (VA). 650VA

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